Canon vs Nikon – Which give better skin tones?

Canon vs Nikon – Which give better skin tones?

As a portrait photographer skin tones are quite important. A lot of how the final images look are in the editing and I believe the the camera is just a tool and it doesn’t matter if you can Canon, Nikon, Sony or even pentax (other brands are available). I’ve heard recently a lot of people say that Canon or Nikon give more pleasing skin tones. This is normally from people already shooting one brand already but I’m in a fairly unique position in that I’ve shot with Canon and Nikon for many years. Both on their own (I started with canon) and together (for 4 years) and now I’m 90% Nikon. So I have a fairly good handle on how each camera behaves and if it is an advantage to shoot one brand of camera over another.

Can you tell Canon from Nikon?

So in order for this to work best I wanted to make sure that there were as few clues as possible, so to make it a true fair test I chose an older wedding from winchester under a fading sun so that white balance doesn’t give as much away. I also processed using VSCO presets that are configured to work for each camera differently. The cameras in this test are Canon 5d mark II, Canon 1DS mark iii and Nikon D3S. I do find that there are sometimes differences in different generations of camera sensors but thats a post for another day.

Guess your cameras!

I’m going to present a series of 10 photos below, some are canon, some are nikon.. probably. I’d love to hear which ones you think or which… leave your answers in the comments and I’ll give you all a mark out of 10.


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