Video Lighting solutions

Video Lighting solutions

If you’re after some portable video lights here’s what i’d recommend initially

yn 160 – occassion use in dark places for a bit of fill

YN 300-II – plenty of power for most things.. about as big as it’s want to use on camera

Yn-600 – perfect for off camera and when you need a bit more ooomph

light sabre – aka ice light copy

Best batteries to use are the Sony FP-f550 types – here’s a great charger and larger battery that will see you through lots of use. for more occassion use I’d get a set of these smaller ones though (also handy for the ones that take 2 batteries).
You can get the charger seperately (also plates for 5d3, d800, sony a7 series, panasonic etc so no need to bother with individual battery chargers every again)

If you’re after the best set of AA’s then you can get the eneloop pro’s here. And here’s a great small sized aa battery charger.

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