Learning Resources for Aspiring new photographers

So you want to take better pictures?

Well you’ve come to the right place. I’m adding more information on cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and also some tips and tricks on how to become an awesome photographer. Whether you want to do it for money, for fun, or just to challenge yourself I will write about it all here. You will also get the change to ask questions and sign up for my mentoring scheme wherever in the UK you are thanks to skype and other witchcraft.


How to take photos of fireworks

This new series will cover everything from picking your first camera through to selecting lenses and how to take better photographs.

It will be organised into a series of articles that will be made available free of charge and will be referenced for my students on my mentoring scheme.

So feel free to browse around and ask for any specific subjects to be covered.

In the meantime maybe start with whats in my bag.

Also take a look at some reviews of lighting equipment such as the Yongnuo Flash trigger 560-TX, flash trigger range testing.

You can also see which lenses give the best starburst if you’d like to see it too.

How does the choice of lens change how your photos will look?

What I think of the nikon D750.

Compact flash and SD cards.. the best ones to buy for your camera.
Noise Comparison between a lot of modern cameras from Nikon and Canon.

Can you tell the canon and nikon images in this wedding? Find out here.

How does 4K video compare to taking stills from the Panasonic GH4 in video and photographic mode?

Whats the difference between a phone, compact camera and dSLR in good light? Find out if you need a dSLR here.

Whats the best aperture to shoot at?
Or how you can calibrate the focus for your camera and lenses.

If you want me to review anything or write anything specific please contact me.

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Some Recent Youtube videos

You can see more video reviews on my specific video page.

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