Calibrating your Camera Lenses and Camera – Nikon and Canon

Calibrating your Camera Lenses and Camera – Nikon and Canon

If you’re wanting to ensure that your Camera and lenses are all setup and performing as best as possible then here at Blandford studios we can calibrate all your lenses and fine tune the AF microadjust for Canon, Nikon with all lenses. Please contact us today as we’re often able to calibrate your cameras and lenses whilst you wait.

Why do i need this?

The answer is that each camera and lens can be within specification but slightly out. This will help you sort out slight backfocus and front focus issues. We have many happy customers already and would like to offer this as a service to more customers.

How much will it cost me

Camera and single lens – £100

Camera and up to 3 lenses – £150

Camera and over 3-5 lenses – £200

Camera and over 5 lenses £250

You can buy your calibration below and then book your session to calibrate your system.
(Please note a lens and teleconverter counts as an additional lens)
See you soon.

Focal Calibration

We’ve had many many satisfied customers and are one of the few approved FoCal Lens and camera calibration centres in the UK. I’ve calibrated many lenses including 600mm super telephotos both with and without teleconverters.

So if you’re looking for lens calibration to get the best from your camera then contact me today.

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