Dorset Portrait Photographer – Environmental impact and ethical issues

Dorset Portrait Photographer – Environmental impact and ethical issues

As a Dorset Portrait photographer in my studio I often use paper backgrounds, and I also offer photo books and albums. There is a lot of focus on reducing our carbon emissions as a country, as a parent of 2 wonderful children I think it’s important to reduce our impact on the environment not only for my children, but, also so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful Dorset Landscapes for many years to come. This will be very important with the Olympics due in Dorset soon, as it will show what a beautiful county we live in. As part of my commitment to the environment I am now using recycled paper for my backgrounds where it’s appropriate, and other materials that do not get thrown away as backgrounds either. For my albums and prints I make sure I use UK based suppliers to minimise and costs involved, so you won’t find any italian or US based album products here, the products we have available in the UK are brilliant and I simply don’t think there is a need to look overseas with all the additional environmental impact that has.
Additionally for my meetings I have started using Skype and other online methods to speak to my clients and share designs and screens, this reduces the need for travel and can only be a good thing.

I’d be interested to know what you think about being ethically and environmentally friendly.


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