Dorset Event Photographer

Dorset Event Photographer

This weekend was another busy one with two weddings Friday and Saturday and a cycling event Sunday. I had been invited by a colleague to assist photographing at a cycling event but not in Dorset. I have photographed a lot of action sports in the past so jumped at the chance. I only wish i’d worn more sun protection. I was in the new forest at a couple of locations to capture the competitors as they came over the hills or round the corners. Sometimes I was seen, other-times I was not! It was a lovely way to spend a day out in the new forest.

I sometimes forget how close such amazing landscapes and scenery are in Dorset and Hampshire. I might have to go back and get some landscape images at some point in the near future.

If you’re looking for someone to cover your sporting event then let me know if I can help, if I can’t I know plenty of people who can!

Here is a ssome images from the day.

More are available online shortly from George’s website (I’ll add the gallery link here when it goes live).

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