Commercial Photography – Working hard for your business

Commercial Photographer – Working hard for your business

As a commercial business myself I find that I get asked by other business owners for the best way to showcase what they do and how they are the best option for clients looking for a particular service or product. I always answer that a picture is worth a thousand words, because i’m a professional commercial photographer. It also happens to be true. Now one mistake people can make is by using stock images from the internet. This may look glossy and great but it’s also fake and other companies may also be using the same images. This at best may confuse people but at worst may make people think you are another company altogether. What if this other company has a bad reputation? Simply not worth risking is it! Especially when bespoke commercial photography is more affordable than you think and depending on your business may well pay for itself with one additional sale brought in through the website or marketing materials.

On location commercial photography

A commercial photoshoot can be on location such as by Weymouth Harbour or elsewhere in Dorset. I also cover other areas and am regularly in Devon, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset so if you’re looking for a commercial photoshoot then please do get in touch.

Headshot Photography

These commercial and business photography days can involve team building, conferences or you and your employees hard at work in the office or on locations of your choice; by land, sea or air. This is also a great time to get some up-to-date headshots for your employees, which can also be used on social media to project a professional brand image. Ask me how I can help by doing great business headshots.

Here are a few images from a recent commercial photo shoot for a garage door and automation company based in Devon.

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