Commercial Dorset Video

Commercial Dorset Video

Video is the future! How many times have you heard that? Lots probably. Well if you’re a business own then video might be just the thing for you. Together with a great set of still images you can use video to really engage with your customers.
With video you can get across concepts that are complex or that people simply won’t read if you write them on your website.

Here at Blandford Studios we can offer a Commercial and Personal Video service – we use modern video equipment to get you the best HD quality video – ready for youTube, VIMEO, BluRay or any other format you would like. Be it talking head videos for your website, or a personal message you’d like to send to a loved one. We can offer it all. Why not get in touch and ask us about our video service today?

Here’s an example of a local business video we did recently. Notice how we’ve got stock items, the company philosophy and some of the core business offerings that might have gone unread in normal website copy.

Call us now to discuss your video needs.

As well as Commercial Video we also offer Wedding video packages – again please contact us for more information about wedding video service

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