Sony 90mm FE 2.8 Macro OSS lens review – first thoughts

Sony 90mm FE 2.8 Macro OSS lens review – first thoughts

I’ve been waiting for this lens for some time. When I first tried my A7s and then later the a7 mark ii I was amazed at the quality and usablity of them for weddings and events. I also saw that there was a limited lens choice. One of my most used lenses at weddings and in the studio is my nikon 105 2.8 VR macro. The bokeh and sharpness is superb. So when Sony announced the 90mm FE 2.8 macro I knew that I would have to try this out.

So after hitting refresh a lot on ebay I finally found one with one in stock. I raced out to test it out.. and was not disappointed. I shot a few portraits of my fellow photographer friend Brett McNally and also some macro flowers (obviously). It’s a keeper!

AF it pretty quick.. the AF/MF switch is pretty clever and it seems to not be focus by wire like every other FE lens.. at least there seems to be way more tactile feedback.

on the side there is several switches and buttons.. you can turn of OSS with the switch so no need to go into menus. There is also a 3 position focus limiter switch, full, macro distances and more normal usage (portraits etc). This works well if you know you’re not doing macro and using it as a portrait lens.



So hows it perform? I’m sure most of you have seen Steve Huff’s preview saying how great it is.. well it is! Without further ado here’s some images from it. I’ll be adding more samples and thoughts as I get more time to shoot with it.

You can also download the Sony 90mm Macro FE 2.8 OSS RAW files here for you to look at them full size unprocessed. Feel free to comment or donate to keep my feeding my lens habit. 🙂

sony 90mm fe 2.8 portrait test wide open

sony 90mm fe 2.8 portrait test wide open


sony 90mm fe 2.8 flower test

sony 90mm fe 2.8 dandelion image

sony 90mm fe 2.8 dandelion close up

Amazon will be selling it shortly here in the UK. If you don’t care about AF, then you can buy the well regarded tamron macro.

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