How to remotely control your Camera – Qdslrdashboard

Ever wanted to remotely control your camera? More and More cameras are coming with built in wifi. This is great as it allows you to connect to the camera remotely over magic wifi. Of course to do this you need an app on your smart phone or tablet. Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji and Panasonic all supply apps for their cameras. Now the problem is that some of these apps are better than others. Some let you fully control the camera remotely (Panasonic lets you zoom and change pretty much all the settings on their app on cameras like the gh4. Nikons WMU app isn’t anywhere near as comprehensive unfortunately and only really allows downloading of images and taking them without changing the settings. This is where QDSLRDashboard comes in. It allows full control and even some cool stuff like timelapse and star stacking.

You can download this for free on android google play store ( external link ) or there is a paid version for you ios users too (there’s a cost because apple charge unfortunately) here on the appleitunes store . You can also run it on a tablet PC too downloading via the website.

No built in wifi? don’t worry connect via a pocket router

There is also an interesting bonus. Imagine your camera doesn’t have wireless built in. Well you could buy an expensive wireless dongle.. OR you could buy a TP Link MR3040 and install some custom firmware then you can connect your camera remotely to it and you have a wireless link for ANY (supported) camera you can connect via USB.

Want to connect via a usb cable?

With android devices most will connect via a usb OTG cable ( like this one )

There’s some really cool features of DSLRDashboard so head over to the website and check out the documentation.. don’t forget to donate some monies too to help support further development.

Screenshots of qDLSRdashboard

Here’s some screen shots illustrating how you can use the qSLRdashboard app using a Google Nexus 5 (android 5.0.2 – lollipop)

screen on the cameras showing waiting for connection


screen on the cameras showing connection to the phone


connected to the camera


qdslrapp allows you to engage live view and check histogram and focus


qdslrapp allows you to change the settings


qdslrapp allows you to change the settings like ISO whilst connected


qdslrapp allows you to engage live view and zoom in and engage auto-focus


qdslrapp allows you to view the pictures you’ve taken and transfer them to the camera

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