Foxy Lox Fine Art – Commercial Photographer Dorset

Foxy Lox Fine Art – Commercial Photographer Dorset

As a photographer I love to photograph things. I was asked to shoot a friends new venture website photographs down at weymouths skate park (The Front Skatepark). So I met up with the models and my friend and collegue Rob for us to do some cool shots of the new hair pieces with a skater theme. The girls were awesome! The sun was shining and everyone was having fun. If you are into your skating you should head down to the skate park and give it a spin. I of course didn’t because i didn’t want to show them up 🙂
The day started with the make up artist getting the girls ready before Amy put on their hair ready for me and rob to shoot them in various parts of the park.

Below are a few of my favourites. Please leave any comments below as I always love to hear your thoughts!


Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-3 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-2 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-1 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-10 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-11 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-12 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-13 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-14 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-15 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-16 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-17 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-18 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-19 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-20 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-21 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-22 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-23 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-5 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-6 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-7 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-8 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-9 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-26 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-25 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-24 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-27 Commercial-Photographer-Dorset-Models-Hair-Wigs-28
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